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Color Boosts & Refreshers

Color Boost Permanent Makeup FAQ - Lynn DuncanAll permanent cosmetics, even though called "permanent" fade over time. It is called "permanent" because it cannot be washed off. In addition, the pigment molecules from the permanent makeup will remain within the skin forever. Even though the pigment molecules become lighter in appearance, the molecules will reflect an imprint on the skin.

Obviously, it is common knowledge that all color fades. Clothing fades, furniture fades, paints fade, etc. They all have a limited life span. They do not remain stable forever. Hair color very frequently requires color refreshers due to many of the same factors that fades permanent makeup. Some of these factors include exposure to sunlight; chemicals such as those found in skin care products like Retin-A, hydroxy acids, glycolic acids, etc.; changing health conditions; effects of various medications; hormonal changes; chlorine; salt water, etc.

Traditional tattoos/body art fades over time. Due to the fact that an appendage (an arm or a leg, for instance) has a very sluggish metabolism compared to the face which has an accelerated metabolism. The face is very vascular and "eats" or metabolizes the pigment at a faster rate, which ultimately fades the pigment more quickly than traditional body art.

Also, the "inks" which are used in body art are different from the "pigments" which are used in permanent makeup.  Inks will outlast pigments in longevity, however, when they begin to fade out, most likely the recipient, if used on her face, will end up with colors resembling peacock blue, purple, canary yellow or bright red eyebrows...not least not on the face.  This is because the primary colors used in traditional tattooing outlive and are very stable, as compared to soft blonde or brown colors, which are complex colors.

Eyebrow colors, are complex colors consisting of combinations of color mixtures. As a result, they are less stable and lack longevity as compared to primary colors. This is just a fact, and there is no way around it.

Therefore, eyebrows will require refreshing, or a color "boost" to keep them looking fresh.  As the eyebrow color starts to degrade, you'll notice that they will become a lighter version of what they once were when initially done. You'll also notice that generally the gold tones metabolize first and the other colors later. This is the usual process of color degradation when the permanent makeup technician uses her knowledge of color theory and pigment choice. However, this is not necessarily the case at all when a permanent makeup technician is ill-informed about color theory or uses inferior pigments and/or pigment selections. 

Again, it is very important to choose a permanent makeup technician who has a thorough understanding of color theory prior to having any permanent makeup procedures done.

A very common question asked: "How long will my permanent makeup last"?  Well, there is no exact number of years. We tell our clients this: "When you feel the need to pick up your pencil to add more color, then instead you should pick up the phone to schedule an appointment." 

Typically, your permanent makeup procedure will last anywhere from 2 - 8 years, give or take a bit.  Basically, it depends on when you feel you no longer look your best. 

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