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"3-D" Eyebrows FAQ

Permanent Makeup FAQ - Lynn DuncanKristin's "signature" "3-D" hairstroke eyebrow technique results in the most natural-looking and most flattering permanent eyebrows imaginable.

Beautiful eyebrows can make your eyes smile.

Kristin's beautiful 3-D hairstroke eyebrow technique is becoming the most popular of all eyebrow procedures, and they look much more natural than any other eyebrow procedure.

NO!!! Kristin does NOT shave off your existing eyebrow hair! Instead, she incorporates your existing eyebrow hair, and along with her 3-D simulated hairstrokes, she creates a new beautiful and youthful eyebrow shape which will be extremely flattering to your's like magic!

Using your brow bone as a guide, she is able to beautifully create eyebrows which will define your face, lift your eyes and literally take years off of your face!

The use of only high quality custom-blended pigments combined with Kristin's creative artistry while simulating real eyebrow hair, results in realistic and dimensional eyebrows.

What are 3-D permanent eyebrows?

3-D eyebrows is a simulated hairstroke technique used to resemble actual eyebrow hair. Some women or men who have either no eyebrow hair, or sparse eyebrows may want to choose this particular technique for themselves.


If Kristin did not do your original 3-D eyebrow procedure, then you must wait until your old permanent eyebrow color is gone, or almost gone. Coming in with "virgin" eyebrows is best. This is vital to the results of the 3-D eyebrow procedure.

In order to remove old permanent makeup brow color, you may choose to either allow the passage of time to slowly fade the color away, or else you may choose to have the color lasered off.

If you choose not to do any removal of your old permanent eyebrow color, and would rather choose to do a new permanent eyebrow procedure, we can most certainly create beautiful soft, powder-filled eyebrows for you.

It is very important to know that if you schedule an appointment for the 3-D eyebrow procedure and have old permanent eyebrow color which hasn't been removed, you will lose your deposit money, or else you may instead choose to do a soft, powdered-filled eyebrow procedure. You must know that it is YOUR responsibility to inform us if you have ever had your eyebrows done previously.

And, if in doubt if your previous eyebrow color is gone enough for the 3-D eyebrow procedure to take place, you may certainly e-mail a picture to us for our review prior to scheduling your appointment, and therefore, reduce the risk of forfeiting your deposit money.

Our signature 3-D hairline eyebrow stroking procedure will not be effective over previously done eyebrows of which the color remains apparent. This is why we must stand firmly on this policy.

Is the 3-D eyebrow procedure for everybody?

Of course not. Everyone has their own preference on the style of eyebrow they prefer. However, women (or men) with no eyebrow hair, or very sparse eyebrow hair, may choose this style as it offers the look of more dimension and texture.

Women who have very oily skin will notice that their results will appear softer with hairstrokes not as apparent as women with normal or non-oily skin. The hairstrokes of oily-skinned women (or men) may even appear more solid and possibly require additional procedures to obtain a more textured or dimensional look.

Women who have dark skin tones must realize that their hairstrokes will not appear as bold as lighter skin tones (Indian, African American, Filipino, etc.). Red-heads and fair-skinned blondes with light colored eyes will notice that their brow area will be red and swollen due to the sensitivity of their skin (Yes, of course, we will numb the brow area prior to and throughout the procedure).  Also, sensitive skin usually requires additional treatments as the pigment may not retain as well as medium or darker-colored skin. Of course, the darker the skin, the hairstrokes will not be a visible as those people with lighter-colored skin.

How do I prepare to have the 3-D eyebrow procedure done?

You may not have any permanent makeup done/3-D eyebrows if you are pregnant or nursing and must wait at least 3 months following delivery and nursing.


Avoid aspirin, niacin, Vitamin E or ibuprofen unless medically necessary, for 48-72 hours prior to your scheduled procedure. Tylenol is fine.

Any fillers around the eyebrow area, especially Botox, should be done at least 6 weeks prior to your scheduled 3-D eyebrow appointment. And, then to wait 6 weeks post procedure, as well.

Also, NO sun, tanning or sweating prior to the procedure or after the procedure for 10 days. If you come into your scheduled 3-D eyebrow appointment with tan or sunburned skin within the brow area, you will need to reschedule, and as a result, forfeit your deposit money. The procedure will not "heal" properly into tanned or sunburned skin due to the fact that the newly implanted pigment will exfoliate away with your skin sloughing cycle when you lose your tan/sunburn.

You must be off of Accutane, or any other product similar to Accutane, for at least one (1) year....this is critically important!

You must be off of Retin-A or Retinols for seven (7) days prior to your appointment and avoid using these products on or around the area for thirty (30) days following your procedure. If used before the thirty (30) day period, you may experience premature fading of brow pigment. If you resume the use of Retin-A or Retinols after the thirty (30) day waiting period, please know that the continued use of these products over your new brows will fade the color prematurely. So, it would be wise to apply the Retin-A or Retinols "around", not on, your new eyebrows.

If you have any blemishes, pimples, active cold sores, irritation of the skin of any kind, moles or other skin imperfections in or around the area of the brows, we will not be able to do your procedure until the blemish or area of concern is gone or the mole is removed and healed.

All waxing or tinting of the brows should be done at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to your appointment and you must wait to resume waxing or tinting for seven (7) days following your procedure.

How shall I prepare the day of my scheduled 3-D eyebrow appointment?

You may choose to come in with your eyebrows penciled on (optional) if you would like us to see how you typically wear your brows, i.e., size, color, design, etc. Of course, this is entirely optional and you may rather choose to come in with a clean face. Either way, we will perform a thorough consultation with you prior to doing your procedure. Your consultation will include the discussion of many things, including your facial features, eyebrow shape, color, etc.

You may choose to bring your own eyebrow pencils along with you, again, this is optional.

Are there any specific after-care instructions following the 3-D eyebrow procedure?

You will need to apply a thin film of a healing ointment over your procedure site with a Q-tip 2x/day, for ten (10) days. If you use your fingers, your hands must be thoroughly washed and clean. After ten (10) days, you may use a gentle cleanser. However, do not scrub for one (1) month.

You should not rub, scratch or pick at the procedure site. You will notice some lifting of color during the healing process as some of the pigment will exfoliate away, along with your skin sloughing cycle.

Your brows will appear bolder and hairstrokes crisper immediately following the procedure. During the first week, you will notice the color soften (as a result of your skin sloughing cycle). Also, it is common to have some areas fade more than other areas. This is all normal and to be expected. This is why it is recommended that you schedule a touch-up appointment. Please know that if your eyebrows had been previously done, prior to your 3-D brow procedure with us, you may require additional treatments (1-3) to achieve desired results.

You may wear your regular makeup immediately following the procedure, however, you must avoid wearing makeup, including lotions and pencils over the procedure site until healed, for ten (10) days.

Avoid direct shower water on your treated area. Apply ointment prior to showering to act as a barrier against shampoos and soaps from penetrating your brows.

Do not work out the day of your procedure as increased body heat expands the pores. It is recommended not to heavily sweat for ten (10) days following your procedure. Sweat is a salt and salt will prematurely fade the treated areas.

No swimming until the procedure site is completely healed. Salt water and/or chlorine can cause the pigments to fade and/or change in color. Even after healed, it is best of apply a thin layer of ointment to act as a protective barrier prior to swimming.

Plan on scheduling your touch-up procedure within the first 2-6 months following your procedure.

What is the recommended amount of time to wait before a "color refresher" or "color boost" is needed?

The "3-D" eyebrow technique will require color boosts every 1-2 years in order to maintain it's natural appearance. The hairstrokes, over time, will fade and/or blur together, giving the appearance of a soft, powder-filled eyebrow. A color boost will freshen them up again so that the hairstrokes are once again apparent throughout the eyebrow. It's best not to wait too long.