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Permanent Lip Color FAQ

Permanent Makeup FAQ - Lynn DuncanHow popular is lip color these days?

Most popular are eyebrows, then eyeliner...third in line is lip color (which is really lip "tint," not color). This is simply because the honest truth is that when I first started doing permanent makeup, about twenty (20) years ago, the permanent lip tint was basically the only choice for lasting lip color. Now, these days, I'd be less than honest if I didn't first tell you that.

I recommend that my clients "try" the long-lasting lip tint,  and if not happy with it, to then schedule a permanent lip tint appointment with me.

Does it hurt?

Of all permanent makeup procedures, lip tint procedures are most sensitive. However, I do numb your lips prior to and throughout the procedure with an excellent topical anesthesia for your comfort.

How long does the procedure take?

The appointment is scheduled for 1-1/2 - 2 hours. Applying lip color is the most laborious of all permanent makeup procedures. Lips are muscles, different than skin.

What if I can't decide on a lip tint color?

I strongly recommend only "natural" lip colors. You can always enhance or change the color of your lips at anytime with conventional makeup, if desired, for special occasions. Days when you don't feel you want an actual lipstick look, your "natural" permanent lip tint will be your best choice."

How will I look immediately following the procedure?

Your lips will look slightly larger than normal and look as though you may have had a slight lip filler injection. The "natural" lip color, however, will look quite dark, like lipstick. You need to know that the size of your lips will shrink back to about normal and the color will significantly fade up to 50% within the first 3 days. You will lose color on the inside of your lips first, the edges last.

Just remember...all procedures must HEAL, PEEL and FADE! This process may take up to 10 days.

If I have had a lip filler injection already, am I still a candidate for permanent lip color?

No, I do not do permanent lip tinting over lips which have had lip filler injected into them. This is because you must realize that the lip filler and the lip color will be sharing the same space within your lips. If the filler has taken up most of the space, or even some of the space, your permanent lip tint will have little space for implantation, and you will have poor results.

It is recommended that you do the permanent lip tinting first and then the lip filler injection.

Can you enlarge my lips with permanent tinting by tattooing outside the natural lip line?

I do not recommend that any lip procedure should be tattooed outside the "natural" lip line for best results. If you choose to have your lips tattooed fuller than they actually are, then be prepared to come back every 6 months or so for a "touch-up" in order to "color boost" the color on your skin above the natural lip line or else the color outside of your lip will begin to fade and look like a "kool-aid" mustache. Not pretty.

Tattooing the vermillion border (the place where your lips meet your skin) will alone enhance the size of your lips and will also look very natural.

How do I prepare for the lip procedure?

You MUST understand that if you have EVER had chicken pox, a fever blister, or a cold sore, you MUST take Zovirax, Famvir or Valtrex or other anti-viral pre and post procedure to help prevent the outbreak of cold sores. There are NO exceptions to this rule! If you do have an outbreak, it will usually occur on the third (3rd) day following lip color application. This rule holds true for each and every time you have any amount of permanent lip tinting applied.

You will need to call your physician in order to obtain your prescription strength anti-viral medication. You must inform them of your decision to have your lips permanently tinted and they will need to call your prescription in for you to pick up at your pharmacy.

How often is a color boost or a touch-up procedure needed?

Lip color requires frequent color boosts or touch-ups as compared to other permanent makeup procedures due to the fact that the lips are very vascular and the body metabolizes the lip color at a rapid rate compared to other body parts which are not as vascularized.

What if I hold off on my lip color boost or touch-up procedure too long?

It turns into a new procedure again, and priced accordingly. It is best to stay current, once a year, for lip tint maintenance procedures.

Permanent lip tinting seems like a "high maintenance" type of procedure, am I right?

Yes, definitely, as compared to other permanent makeup procedures.

What are the after-care instructions?

You will need to continue your anti-viral medication (if you are using one) until the end of the prescription.

— You must stay out of intense sunlight for six weeks post lip tinting application. Then, afterwards, it is recommended to wear an SPF over your lip tint to help prevent the color from fading prematurely.

— Drink through a straw for the first few days. Do not eat citrus fruits and juices, greasy, salty, oily or spicy foods until your lips are completely healed (about 2 weeks).

— While eating, do not constantly wipe your lips with a napkin or keep licking your lips at this will impede the healing process. DO NOT PICK dry healing tissue or you WILL remove the pigment color!

— Before brushing your teeth, apply ointment over your lips first to act as a barrier against toothpaste from touching your new lip tint. Also, do not bleach your teeth while your lips are healing (about 2 weeks).

— Keep your new lip tint well lubricated for a minimum of two (2) weeks or longer. Petroleum products are excellent choices.

— After the intial healing period, you should apply a total sun block that is also waterproof 3-4 times daily to help prevent fading. Chapsticks with SPF is an excellent choice.

— No smoking while your lips are healing (approximately 2 weeks).

— No kissing, rubbing or friction on your newly tinted lips until the area is totally healed or else you will lose tinting (about 2 weeks).