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Protecting your Investment

Permanent Makeup FAQ - Lynn Duncan

Now that you've made the decision to have your permanent makeup done, you may want to do all you can to take care of it. If you would rather not adhere to the following recommendations, that's fine, the only difference is that you'll be in sooner for your color refresher/boost.

All Eyebrows (3-D or Soft Brows)

First Ten Days

— Apply a "thin" film of ointment (provided to you) to eyebrows 2x/day with a Q-tip. You may then take a piece of tissue and wipe off excess ointment. Your brows should remain "moist", not "greasy".

— Refrain from direct sun exposure and/or tanning beds.

— Refrain from rubbing or washing your new eyebrows. While washing your face with a washcloth, wash around your brows. Afterward, gently rinse and blot dry with a soft towel. (If soap or shampoo splashed onto your new eyebrows, be sure to thoroughly rinse them.)

— Refrain from picking your eyebrows. You'll notice softening of color (approximately 30-50%) during the first week. You may or may not notice any flaking of color during the exfoliation process. When your facial skin exfoliates, the top layer of pigment will exfoliate along with it.

— Refrain from waxing, threading, tweezing or tinting your brows. No electrolysis for two weeks.

— Refrain from working out vigorously. Heavy sweating (salt water) will erode the newly implanted least during first week.

— Refrain from chlorinated pools, hot tubs, salt water, lakes and/or prolonged submersion in water.

— Refrain from using any retinol, glycolic, hydroxy or any other acids from the eyebrow area.

— Refrain from facials, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion.

— Refrain from sleeping on your face.

Long Term

— Apply a sunscreen or sunblock to eyebrow area daily.

— Refrain from using any retinol, glycolic, hydroxy or any other acids from the eyebrow area.

— Refrain from repeated exposure to chlorinated water, or at least cover the eyebrows with ointment/chapstick prior to entering the chlorinated pool.

— Refrain from tanning beds as well as excessive exposure to the sun.

— The use of chemical peels, acid peels and microdermabrasion regularly on the forehead can also cause premature fading of eyebrows.

— If you are planning a chemical peel or a laser procedure, please inform the technician of your permanent cosmetics.


First Week

— If you wear contact lenses, please keep them out of eyes for a minimum of 24 hours. If you have any questions regarding when to resume wearing your contacts, it is recommended to contact your eye care provider for specific instructions.

— It is recommended to have an eye wash, frozen baby peas and soft cotton pads available for use upon your return to home, just in case you may feel the need to ice your eyes.

— Apply a "thin" film of ointment (provided to you) with a Q-tip 2x/day. Remove gently any excess ointment with another clean Q-tip.

— Refrain from rubbing your new eyeliner.

— Refrain from the use of eye makeup and mascara. When you resume using mascara, please start with a fresh, new tube.

— Refrain from eyelash tinting for two weeks.

— Refrain from use of eyelash growth serum for four weeks.

— Never discontinue the use of any medication prescribed by your doctor before or after any permanent makeup procedure, even eye drops, if prescribed by your physician.

— If at any time you notice any conditions that are not consistent with the healing agenda descriptions above, contact your physician or eye doctor for treatment and phone me as soon as possible.

Long Term

— Wear protective sunglasses whenever in the sun. Of course, hats are a nice addition.

— Always wear assigned tanning bed goggles over eyes for the protection of your eyes (and eyeliner).

— Refrain from repeated exposure to chlorinated or salt water.

— Obviously, eye care products are very gentle and are made for the eyes; therefore fine for your eyeliner, too.

Lip Color

— Continue your anti-viral medication (Valtrex) as prescribed by your doctor. (You must always use a prescription anti-viral medication prior to all lip color applications, especially if you have ever had a cold sore, even once during your lifetime. Even with the use of a prescribed anti-viral, there is no guarantee of no cold sore formation/breakouts following your lip color procedure.)

— Apply an aftercare ointment (provided to you) for 6 weeks following your lip color procedure. Following the use of provided ointment (which you'll use for first 3 days), you may use your own lip moisturizing products, such as Burt's Bees, or anything else which does not contain any petroleum or glycerine.

— It is recommended to have frozen baby peas and soft paper towels on hand for you to use upon your return to home, if you feel necessary.

— Refrain from picking at your new lip color when it starts to peel away. You will notice approximately 50% of color loss within the first few (3-4 days). Afterward, you'll notice that your lip color will be much lighter in color and over the next few weeks, darken a little more during the healing process. If you pick or peel off the dark lip pigment, you'll end up with very little or no color.

— You'll notice that your lips will be a little larger (look as though you've had a lip filler) for just a couple of days. The application of an ice pack or frozen peas, used only a few minutes at a time, with paper toweling placed on your lips first (to prevent ice burn) will bring down swelling faster than no icing at all.

— Refrain from sun exposure for 6 weeks following procedure as the sun will significantly fade the lip color during the 6 week healing period. Wear an SPF Chapstick AT ALL TIMES and reapply, reapply, reapply throughout the day...again, even when avoiding direct sun exposure.

— Keep toothpaste off of your lips for 2 weeks (apply an ointment to lips to act as a barrier before brushing your teeth).

— Refrain from bleaching/whitening your teeth for 6 weeks.

— Keep greasy, oily, salty foods and acidic foods/drinks off of your lips for 2 weeks. Drink through a straw. Cut up food into bite-sized pieces, including pizza, etc., and place into mouth.

— Do not lick lips, wipe lips or kiss for 2 weeks. No rubbing them!

Aerola Repigmentation

First Week

— Apply provided ointment, 3x/day, with a Q-tip.

— Refrain from rubbing or picking at peeling color. You'll notice the darker color peeling off during the first week.

— Place a piece of gauze in your bra to protect your bra from shedding color.

— After showering, gently rinse and blot dry. Apply ointment, place gauze in bra for day.

— Sleep with bra for first 3 nights.

— Sleep with no bra starting 4th night, exposing ointmented areolas to the air, underneath nightwear.

— Refrain from sun exposure or tanning beds for 4 weeks.

— Refrain from sun exposure and tanning beds.

***If you notice any adverse reactions to any of the above procedures, please contact your physician immediately and advise me of the same as soon as possible.