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Soft-Filled Eyebrows FAQ

Permanent Makeup FAQ - Lynn DuncanLynn's "signature" "feather-stroke" and "powder-filled" eyebrow techniques result in very natural-looking and most flattering permanent eyebrows imaginable.

Beautiful eyebrows can make your eyes smile.

Ladies...toss your pencils! End the daily frustration of attempting to draw on evenly shaped brows with the hope that they won't smear off during the course of the day! Permanent eyebrows are definitely the most popular of all procedures and they look much more natural than penciled-on eyebrows.

NO!!! We do NOT shave off your existing eyebrow hair! Instead, we incorporate your existing eyebrow hair, and along with makeup artistry skills, create a new beautiful and youthful eyebrow shape which will be extremely flattering to your face.

Using your natural brow bone as a guide, we are able to beautifully create eyebrows which will define your face, lift your eyes and literally take years off of your face!

Whether you choose the "feather-stroke" or "powder-filled" eyebrow technique, or a "combination" of each technique, your new eyebrows will be beautiful. A combination of high quality, custom-blended pigment shades will also allow a more realistic and dimensional look.

Eyebrows are the key to "first impressions"

How much does it cost to have permanent eyebrows done?

Although all prices are listed on the pricing page, the cost of beautiful brows is priceless! And, in comparison to Botox and other fillers, which only last between 3-6 months, permanent makeup/eyebrows lasts for years.

Can I have permanent eyebrows done if I've had Botox?

Yes, although it is best to have your permanent eyebrows done PRIOR to having a Botox injection in the brow area. This is because Botox can alter the placement of your natural brows and when the permanent eyebrow procedure is being done, it is highly recommended that we work "within your natural brow line" for the most natural results.

If you have had a Botox injection in the eyebrow area, it is recommended to wait at least 2 weeks before having your permanent eyebrow procedure done.

Can you explain the permanent eyebrow process?

You may choose to come into the appointment with your eyebrows drawn on, if you wish. This is helpful information for Lynn to actually "see" the size/color of the brows you're comfortable wearing. However, if you are someone who does not normally draw on/shade her brows on a daily basis, you may certainly come in with a clean face. Either way, we will consult and discuss your individual facial features, discuss shapes and colors prior to the actual procedure. We will also look at various eyebrow pictures (Lynn has her full eyebrow gallery of before/after pictures in the office) or you may bring your own pictures.

Following the consultation, Lynn will numb the eyebrow area with a very effective topical anesthesia. And, throughout the procedure, Lynn will continue to apply an effective numbing agent to ensure your comfort.


Following the numbing period, Lynn Duncan, who is a makeup artist, will draw on your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. We will work as a "team" to revise the shape to meet YOUR approval, if needed. Once you approve of the shape, Lynn will start to apply the permanent color(s).

Prior to the color application, appropriate colors will be discussed and selected on an individual basis. Only high quality pigments are used. Also, pigments can be custom-blended, as desired.

Throughout the procedure, Lynn will provide you with a hand-held mirror so that you may have the opportunity to take a look at anytime during the tattooing process.

Is there any down-time following the eyebrow procedure?

No. You can go right out into public with confidence. The skin surrounding your eyebrow area may be a little pink for an hour or so, then will disappear. You'll have to apply a thin layer of healing ointment 2x/day for one week, a very thin film. Nobody will notice that you've just had your brows done unless you tell them. They'll look fabulous right away!

Does the color lighten up during the healing process?

Yes, it does. You'll end up losing about 30-50% of the color during your skin sloughing cycle. You may or may not notice the light shedding of color during the first week of healing. Whether you notice it or not, the softening of color does take place and if they become too light, you can have them darkened again during your follow-up appointment, which is scheduled 4-8 weeks following your initial appointment. However, Lynn likes to stay on the "conservative" side of color, knowing that it is much easier to lighten than darken a set of eyebrows.

I have pretty nice natural brows, but they aren't perfectly even and I have a few sparse areas. Am I a candidate for permanent eyebrow color?

Many women only really require an eyebrow enhancement. This means that we can gently fill in any "gaps" and create symmetry and balance of the brows for you.

I've had my eyebrows done someplace else and am unhappy with the results, can you help me?

You will need to either e-mail a picture of your current eyebrows so that I may actually see them, along with a picture of the way you'd like them to look, so that I can see what work may need to be done. In some cases, I may be able to help improve them; in other cases, I may not be able to help at all. This is a very important reason that you select the most experienced and qualified permanent makeup "artist" to do your "permanent" eyebrow procedure. Again, I would like to repeat the word "permanent". I've seen far too many women who never really thought about that particular word before they had it done, and later wished they would have.

How long does the eyebrow procedure take to have done?

Approximately 1-1/2 hours, in and out the door. However, please know that if you feel more time is needed for some reason, more time will be taken, you will never feel rushed.