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Lynn Duncan Reviews and TestimonialsIf your eyebrows look anything like this little gal's, you should really call Lynn or Kristin for a consultation!




"Lynn Duncan is well-known for being the top permanent makeup artist! I’m a beautician in Brookfield, WI and everybody I know goes to Lynn Duncan for their permanent makeup. View Lynn Duncan’s website photos and you’ll understand why Lynn Duncan is the best!!"
— Lauren B.

"My eyebrows have never looked more beautiful."

"I'm so grateful that I decided to have Kristin Duncan do "3-D" eyebrows for me. My brows were very sparse and I wasn't used to having many brows at all for so many years. I kind of got used to being "naked" in the brow area so I decided to take it "slowly" by having Kristin fill them in with her "3-D" eyebrow technique. They turned out so much better than I was even hoping for! The little, fine hairstrokes she put into my sparse natural brow line looks spectacular! They're extremely realistic! My daughters can't believe how beautiful my brows look, and they're my greatest critics.

I highly recommend Kristin to anyone who wants "better than you can imagine" eyebrows, like mine!"
— Amy Wessel

"Lynn Duncan is a pro. She works with you to find the look that "you" want. She explains everything ahead of time and educates the client on the process. Before starting, she displays the sterilized equipment and ensures that the procedure will be as pain free as possible. I highly recommend her!"
— Holly Roge

"I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her!!! I've seen Lynn for her services a few times and have nothing but praise to say about her! She always took time to answer all my questions, paid close attention to details, and went above and beyond to be certain I was nothing less than pleased with my results! I couldnt be happier! Thank you Lynn!!
— Penny C.

"I will never see anyone else."

"I can't say enough about my permanent cosmetics — I suppose what I love most about them, is that you've artistically managed to literally take years off of my face — for this I am eternally grateful..."
— Jean C., Lake Geneva, WI

"Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that permanent makeup would actually look more natural than my own makeup — I'm so glad that I had the courage to go ahead with this — my only regret is that I wish I had done this sooner..."
— Sandy R., Milwaukee, WI

"Besides saving a great deal of time in the morning no longer needing to draw on my eyebrows, I could have never shaped them as beautifully as you — thanks so much for "the new me.'"
— Julie S., Highland Park, IL

"I can't believe the convenience of waking up in the morning and hopping out of the shower with my makeup already on — what a time saver and hassle-free lifestyle!!"
— Ginger S., Sullivan, WI

"I never imagined how reassuring it is to know that I look my best all of the time - I no longer worry about the embarrassment of 'losing an eyebrow' or my 'lipstick bleeding into the surrounding area of my mouth."
— Kay S., Brookfield, WI

"Immediately following my eyebrow procedure, nobody even noticed, not even my husband, until the next morning when he complimented me and said, "Honey, you woke up this morning looking just beautiful." I was on the phone within minutes to make another appointment for permanent eyeliner..."
— Sharon G., Delafield, WI

"When I decided on permanent cosmetics my next choice was determining who would do the procedures. After much research of the Milwaukee and Chicago areas for a permanent makeup artist, I chose Lynn Duncan. Her extensive experience in both the application of permanent cosmetics are just that permanent. With that in mind, I wanted the best and I got the best with Lynn! I love my "new" eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color and I've never looked this natural no matter how much I paid for expensive cosmetics. Lynn was also the perfect choice for my mother, sister-in-law and best friend. We are all just thrilled with our permanent cosmetics from Lynn!!"
— T. Whitman, Green Bay

“I must tell you, Lynn, that there are lots of people here in California that do permanent makeup, but I found nobody else as talented as you are! That’s exactly why I knew it would be worth it to fly in to see you, not once, but twice! I LOVE my new permanent eyeliner and my brows! They are SO soft and natural looking, not even my sister could tell it was permanent makeup. And, believe me, she can always tell when someone is wearing permanent makeup, but not your work! When I told her, she was so amazed, she couldn’t believe it! Now she wants to schedule a trip to see you, too! So, I’ll be back with her very soon!" Sending much joy to you."
— Kathy, from San Diego

"My decision to fly from Hawaii was worth it!"

“I’ve been wearing eyeliner for years…when I heard about permanent makeup I began searching the net for someone with the ability to give me more than just blunt lines. Lynn, my decision to fly all the way from Hawaii for you to do my permanent makeup was more than worth it. You are talented and gentle…and I knew you would be by just looking at your photo gallery! I love my eyeliner, and my new brows have transformed my face! I didn’t know what I was missing. You’ve made my life with makeup a breeze. I should have done this years ago! Thank you Lynn! I absolutely adore your work and my permanent makeup!” Aloha,”
— Allison, from Hawaii

"When you told me that there would be little to no pain involved in having my eyeliner done, I was so skeptical and felt that you didn't know "me" and my pain threshold, which is generally poor. Although you told me you were speaking in "general" terms, I trusted you and went ahead with it...and I AM SO HAPPY THAT I DID! My eyeliner is BEAUTIFUL and it didn't hurt at all!! Even more impressive is the fact that I had NO DOWN TIME either! So, "ALL OF YOU CHICKENS out there...go to LYNN and have your eyeliner done, she's so gentle, so compassionate, so talented and very experienced at will be amazed!"
— Theresa, Oconomowoc

Physican Review
"Permanent cosmetics is not only an art, but also is a science. Lynn Duncan blends the art with the science to provide the best results. I have seen Lynn Duncan's clients and have heard them praise Lynn for wonderful results. Lynn Duncan is top notch in the field of permanent cosmetics, so I trust referring patients to her, as opposed to other permanent cosmetic providers who may not have as good a track record. I have heard of some patients receiving terrible results from other providers, such as purple or blue lips instead of naturally shaded lips that the patients were desiring.

As an Internal Medicine doctor, I recommend Lynn Duncan's Permanent Cosmetics for all your permanent cosmetic needs, and shouldn't you trust Lynn Duncan who is trusted and recommended by doctors?"
— Jerome Buboltz, M.D., Internists, Aurora Health Care Center, WI

Physican Review
"Lynn Duncan's Permanent Cosmetics provides clients with personalized, quality care as well as consistent, natural cosmetic results. For those seeking permanent cosmetics, I encourage you, without reservation, to seek a private consultation with Lynn Duncan."

— John A. Selthafner, M.D., Surgeon

"I'm sooooo happy that I took the plunge and finally had my eyebrows and eyeliner done!" I kept waiting for the "right time" which I'd been contemplating for years.... Well, I finally decided to "go for it" and found out that the "right time is now"! There is NO DOWN TIME, I didn't have to miss work at all, nor did my husband even notice! I had no bleeding, no bruising, no swelling! Obviously, your experience and expertise really shine in more ways than one! I LOVE MY PERMANENT MAKEUP! I WISH I HAD DONE THIS WITH YOU YEARS AGO!"
— Sophia, Whitefish Bay

"Well done! A very pleasant experience. Very professional. Lynn's assertive communication makes you feel very comfortable and confident in her skills while in her care. I absolutely love the results! Well done!"
— Renee K.

"Lynn Duncan is a pro!"

"Lynn Duncan does a fabulous job! I've had my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips (all three procedures) done by Lynn. I'm more than satisfied! Lynn went over and beyond my expectations. I love waking up with my natural looking makeup! Everybody knows Lynn is the best permanent makeup artist!
— Susan M.

"I have always taken great pride in my appearance. Recently I have found that even though I took care with makeup application every morning, by mid-morning my eyeliner was smudging, and my eyebrows were becoming non-existent. A friend and co-worker told me about permanent cosmetics, and specifically Lynn Duncan. I was skeptical at first, but then asked my dermatologist, as well as my eye doctor, what their feelings on permanent cosmetics were. Both recommended the procedures, primarily because they substantially cut down on eye infections from using cosmetics so close to the eye. They also both cautioned me to be sure to have the procedure done by and experienced professional. After looking at Lynn Duncan's credentials as well as photos of her work on her website I contacted her for an appointment to perform her "art" on my eyebrows and eyeliner. I am just thrilled with the results! Lynn is a true professional and true artist. I am so happy with the results of my permanent eyeliner and brows, and most highly recommend Lynn if you are considering permanent cosmetics."
— Pat Plutz, Green Bay

"Lynn, I didn't realize that YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE who can actually do a REAL EYELINER! My friends, who have unfortunately already had theirs done by someone else, are SO JEALOUS of the eyeliner you did for me! They wish they would have done their research like I did before I choose you. Their eyeliner is almost non-existent, plus they told me it hurt them so badly... they were swollen for days. I can't thank you enough for my SPECTACULAR eyeliner and keeping me VERY COMFORTABLE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PROCEDURE WITH NO DOWN TIME AT ALL!"
— Linda, Wauwatosa

"Lynn, I have to thank you for doing such a GREAT job with my eyeliner! I had it done once before by someone else who didn't have nearly the artistic ability to do it the way you did...nor did she have the pain control either! about "night and day"! What a difference! I wish I had known about you years ago! I will NEVER GO TO ANYONE ELSE EVER AGAIN!"
— Debbie, Shorewood

"A million thank-you's aren't enough."

"Lynn does a super job! She is a talented artist, compassionate, and kind. I do permanent makeup myself, and when I discovered that we were traveling to Milwaukee I knew I needed to make an appointment with Lynn to re-do my upper eyeliner. She did a great job! Thanks, to one of the best!!"
— Charleen Weismantel

""For years my biggest makeup struggle was my sparse eyebrows. My husband and I often enjoy watersports when we vacation. It's bad enough not wearing makeup...but no brows??? UGH. I spent many years deciding if permanent makeup would be a good idea. Once I decided to go ahead, the big challenge was to find a reputable, experienced, artistic tattooist. The thought of brown "lines" creeping across my forehead was very unappealing. Through lots of online research, I came across your website. One of your testimonials, at that time, was from a well respected North Shore cosmetic surgeon. I thought, "Well, if she can satisfy North Shore clientele, she must be excellent." After several months of procrastination, I decided to take the leap of faith. Lynn, I can't thank you enough for the excellent attention to detail and your awesome "bedside" manner. I know I made the right decision having you apply my permanent makeup. If you'd ever be interested in a "live" advertisement, please let me know. I would be happy to be your poster child! A million thank-you's aren't enough!"
— Jan K., Chicago, Illinois

“It took me two years to make the decision to fly from Sweden to Wisconsin to see you for my permanent makeup and now I wonder why it took me so long. It’s was one of the best decisions I ever made. I searched websites of everyone around the world to make sure I would choose the best person to do my permanent eyeliner, eyebrows and lipstick color. EVERYTHING you did for me was excellent and so natural-looking! I am very appreciative of your time and close attention to detail!”
— Lona, Sweden

"I just want you to know that I LOVE MY EYELINER! Wish I had done this 10 years ago! I held off because I was afraid it was going to hurt, but it wasn't bad at all. If I had to rate it on a pain scale of 1 - 10, I'd rate it as a 1 (one). It was really great! You were awesome...very gentle and conscious of any pain."
— Barb, Minocqua



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