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Correction Services

Lynn Duncan is a Board-Certified Permanent Makeup Artist and choosing her as your trusted permanent makeup artist the first time would serve you well. Remember…permanent makeup is just that…”permanent” …it cannot be washed off…

It’s both upsetting and embarrassing for those women who have had a permanent makeup procedure and end up needing to have it corrected. But, what do you do when that occurs? You can contact Lynn Duncan for a private consultation so that she may assist you in selecting the most appropriate method of correction.

Lynn is a Corrections Specialist and has many years of experience in correcting other technicians’ work. However, there are some corrections that are actually, not correctable. If this is the case, Lynn is also able to advise you with suggestions to help regain your appearance.

Correcting poorly applied permanent makeup is a rewarding experience and every correction is unique. Depending upon the problem, prices will vary, although all consultations are free of charge. Usually, a series of visits are required.

Unfortunately, many permanent makeup corrections result due to the fact that the client "trusted" someone without doing any research about that particular person's skill level in permanent makeup.  For instance, many clients have come into my office telling me that their hairdresser did their brows (which now require correction).  They'll say, "She's great with hair, so I just thought she'd be great at permanent makeup, too."  Famous last words.

It would be like me asking you, "I'm great with permanent makeup, would you like me to cut your hair, too?"  I think you get the point.  Unless your hairdresser, or nail tech, or nurse, or anyone you know who provides any type of service for you, can "prove" to you that she/he is "great" at doing permanent makeup, don't do it with them! 

So, how shall this person try to "prove" their permanent makeup skill(s) to you?

Here are some very important tips:

1)  Does she/he have an "Establishment" License"?  Ownership of this particular license indicates that their Health Department has given them approval to perform permanent makeup tattooing in their facility. Without this license, any malpractice insurance (if they have malpractice insurance...which they should) would be null and void.  This license must be renewed every year, be sure to check the date of their license to make sure it is valid. (This is required in both Wisconsin and Illinois.)

2)  Does she/he have a "Tattooist" License"?  This is different from an Establishment License. Your permanent makeup technician should be in possession of BOTH of them, or again, their malpractice insurance (if they have malpractice insurance...which hopefully they do) would be null and void.  This license, too, must be renewed on an annual basis.  Be sure to check the date of their license to make sure it is valid.  (This is required in both Wisconsin and Illinois.)

In fact, the Health Department mandates that both the Establishment License and the Tattooist License be visible to all patrons who enter into the establishment.

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3)  Does she/he have a "Bloodborne Pathogens" Certificate?  Illinois requires this, however and unfortunately, Wisconsin does NOT!!!  This is a HUGE red flag!  If your permanent makeup technique does NOT have a CURRENT Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate, BEWARE!!!  Even though Wisconsin does not require this in order to obtain an Establishment or a Tattooist License, this does not mean that YOUR TECHNICIAN should be without one! 

I was on the Wisconsin State Committee for over ten years while trying to get them to "pass" legislation to mandate each and every person doing permanent makeup in Wisconsin to pass a Bloodborne Pathogens exam in order to achieve a Certificate.  However, all of my time and effort in trying to work with them to "see the light" was fruitless.  Nothing was passed! This, in my opinion, is a huge public safety risk!  Hats off to Illinois in that they DO require this Certificate!  Again, ladies, if you live in Wisconsin...I would most definitely make sure my technician has a valid and current Blood-borne Pathogens Certificate!!! 

4)  Does she/he have their OWN Before/After Photographs?  Or are the ones they're showing to you really someone else's work?  Or, perhaps, "stock" photos they captured on-line and are just calling their own???  I can tell you very truthfully that this is an "on-going" problem for us!  I cannot tell you how many times we've found OUR permanent makeup before/after photos on someone else's website...calling OUR work their work!  This happens ALL the time!!! Again, BEWARE!  

If your permanent makeup technician has a website and they are not labeling "copyright" with their name on the picture of their so-called work, then can you trust that it is really their work?  I don't think so! 

If they are showing you pictures of their work from their office portfolio...but do state "copyright" on their hidden office portfolio pictures, then can you really trust that it is their work?  I don't think so!  If it was, wouldn't it be posted on-line for everyone to see? your intuition!
If it doesn't "feel" right, it probably isn't!

This is "permanent" makeup..and it's your "face"! 
Think clearly about this.

This is no time to "bargain shop."

NOTE: All permanent cosmetic pictures are of actual work performed by Lynn Duncan. All Lynn Duncan's permanent cosmetic pictures are Digitally Watermarked which enables identifying, verifying, and tracking. All photos are the exclusive property of Lynn Duncan and are fully protected by copyright laws. All Rights Reserved.
WARNING! If any permanent makeup photographs are not copyrighted by the permanent makeup technician you are considering, you may be making a grave mistake by choosing her/him. (Permanent makeup photographs are oftentimes sold to technicians for their advertising needs, and/or sometimes stolen from other websites.) Therefore, it would make good sense that "legitimate" copyrighted gallery photographs be publicly displayed, not privately concealed within an office portfolio.

If the shaping of your permanent makeup is fine, color adjustments/corrections are usually correctable. Of course, this is successfully accomplished only when your technician has a good understanding of color theory. Generally speaking, lighter color corrections result in fewer treatments than darker corrections. And, in fact, if too dark a correction is needed, nothing can be done via permanent makeup applications. In most cases, 2 or 3 visits are needed.

If the shape to be corrected is smaller than the desired shape and can easily be drawn over with a pencil, thereby no longer noticeable, this usually results in a very successful shaping correction. However, if the reverse is true, and the desired shape is smaller or if the shape is desired in a different location than the already larger, ill-shaped procedure, then there is usually little or nothing that can be done to correct it with permanent makeup. Again, it's a good idea to go to a "specialist" in permanent makeup. Not everyone can be a "specialist" in everything they do, in fact, a "specialist" is usually a "specialist" in one thing, not many. Choose wisely.