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Nouveau Contour Equipment for sale from Lynn Duncan Permanent Cosmetics, Wisconsin
Nouveau Contourís Permanent Cosmetic equipment is the choice of highly skilled, successful technicians in spas, salons, medi-spas and physiciansí offices. Professionals rely on Nouveau Contourís patented, German-engineered equipment to provide superior permanent cosmetic procedures to clients worldwide.

Nouveau Contour Digital 1000
The Digital 1000 provides optimal results in less time. The digital control (microprocessor) assures stable needle frequency resulting in perfect pigment color retention. Touch-ups have become almost obsolete. The Nouveau Contour 1000 is the most efficient device available and has many advantages over the traditional analog devices. With traditional devices, the needle frequency will drop when penetrating skin that is more resistant. Due to different needle frequencies the distance between the pigment "dots" will vary. The results are inconsistent lines and poor color retention.

Nouveau Contour Digital Intelligent
The Intelligent provides the practitioner with state-of-the-art computerized technology. It is equipped and controlled by an Intel microprocessor "chip." The Intelligent's central processing unit offers the most advanced features, which allow for the selection of pre-programmed settings for various procedures, i.e. eyebrow, eyeliner, lip color and medical procedures. Software installed in the central processing unit, the operating system of the Intelligent, consistently calculates the best needle frequency (speed) needed to achieve optimal pigment retention.

Nouveau Contour Hand-Piece
Designed with the skilled Professional in mind Professional Precision - Needle movement is a fluid up and down motion. Professional Power - Less friction in power transmission to hand piece from device which results in additional power to needle.

— Ergonomic Design - Lighter than other hand pieces, which lessen the chance of hand fatigue.
— Patented Nouveau design.

Nouveau Contour Simplicity
The Portable Permanent Cosmetics Device: The new Simplicity model is the perfect device for the technician
working in a variety of salons or offices.
The Simplicity’s hand piece is equipped with patented safety needles for safe pigmentation and the devices’ features and functions make it a great choice for technicians just starting a business. (Hand piece, Foot Pedal and Power Cord are included.)

Nouveau Contour Simplicity Hand-Piece
The Simplicity hand piece is equipped with a patented Safety Needle Cartridge System, the first and only of its kind on the market today, and is the first permanent make-up machine that guarantees no chance of cross contamination.

To achieve the best results on different skin types and with individual techniques the hand piece is designed to change pigmentation depth. The handpiece is made of die cast aluminum and is extremely light. It comes standard with a Zero Tolerance system. You will never experience any sideward fluctuation of the needles. Hair strokes look more natural, lines look sharper and procedure time is reduced.


For Information or to Order Call: (262) 470-0077


The Nouveau Contour needles are especially designed to achieve the same quality throughout the entire procedure. Even at the end of the procedure, the points of the needles are in the exact position as at the beginning of the procedure. Nouveau Contour guarantees quality every time. For the various applications there are various needles.

NC #1 Point Liner
Creates very fine hair strokes, great for needling scars, camouflage work, subtleties.



NC #3 Point Micro
Creates magnificently fine hair strokes, too fine for eyeliners, warning for lips too fine for lips other than outlining at the end of a lip procedure to create a pristine finish.

NC #3 Point Outline

Best Drawing Tool! Best for drawing the outline of an eyeliner on tougher lids to create a template, beautiful hair stroke, sketching outline for a brow.


NC #3 Point Power

This configuration is a heavier gauge and constructed sturdier than the 3-Point Micro making it a more exacting tool.


NC#3 Point Round Liner

Great for drawing the outline for eyeliner, creating a dense fill-in for eyeliner, a dense lash enhancement and dense brow color.


NC#3 Point Sloped

Perfect for hair strokes, the 3 S lope needles create a true tapered eyebrow hair effect.



NC#4 Point Flat

Primarily a shading tool but when held sideways produces a fabulous hair stroke. A great needle for fast lash enhancements and bottom eyeliners but will create more swelling.

NC#5 Point Power

Needles have a rigid construction and completely round to create dense color, beautiful lines with a soft edge. Their sharpness is perfect for drawing and they deposit tremendous color!

NC#5 Point Shader

Point Shader creates a softer brow than a 3, more like an airbrushed look, great for lipliner, will create a softer eyeliner than a 3 needle, extremely versatile.

NC#5 Point Slope

5 Point Slope needles are similar to the #3 slope. Works well for longer, tapered hair-strokes and is a great tool for men's eyebrows.

NC#7 Point Power

7 Point Power needles have a rigid construction and completely round for a tight circle as compared to the 7 point liner. Great for dense color with soft lines. lines.

NC#7 Point Round

(Shader) - Very soft eyeliner or for filling in a wide eyeliner that has been outlined. Creates a soft smudgy effect as a double eyeliner on both top and bottom lids

NC#9 Point Magnum

Can be used for eyeliner; both top & bottom, shaded or smudged edges on eyeliners, lip interior color (full lip or shaded effect), areola, camouflage, all types of scar work.




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