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Teeth Whitening

LED Blue Light Teeth Whitening Treatment

LED Blue Light Teeth Whitening Treatment by Lynn Duncan"Teeth Whitening" is hot, hot, hot!! In fact, many surveys have been taken which reveal that teeth whitening is the number #1 sought-after beauty treatment of all!

People who have white, bright teeth are those people who smile with lots of confidence! They love to smile because they KNOW their teeth look clean! The next time you notice that person with bright, white teeth smile at you...look to notice how their "eyes" even sparkle!

We are very excited to announce that we now offer professional teeth whitening. The cutting-edge technology that we use is the Brite White System ( BriteWhite offers the first LED (Light Emitting Diode) system that is inserted inside of the mouth for ultimate, professional teeth whitening. There is no heat, no sensitivity, no cheek retractors, no rubber dams, no saliva drip, no gagging, no long waiting, and no pain.



The Blue LED light has been proven to be safe, and using less time promotes whitening without softening enamel, which causes corrosive problems and the disruption of soft and hard tissues. BriteWhite also prevents damage to the pulp.

BriteWhite treats all teeth. Results for whitening teeth are obtained by attacking the discolorations of the teeth. A specifically tailored gel, a specific wavelength, and power are combined to boost the delivery of the light and to all teeth. The upper and lower inside and outside cover all areas to whiten teeth simultaneously. BriteWhite uses Carbamide Peroxide and our products do not contain Flouride or alcohol ingredients maintaining the safest products to offer our clients.

BriteWhite is FDA approved.

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