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Rejuvapen Anti-Aging Treatments

Rejuvapen Microneedling Facial Treatment Services by Lynn DuncanRejuvapen™ Micro-Needing
treatments are minimally invasive anti-aging treatments which promote the body's natural production of collagen and elastin at a fraction of the cost of laser resurfacing, chemical peels and other injection therapies. During each treatment, specialty serums are infused into the deeper layers of the skin.

Rejuvapen treatments may be repeated as often as every 6 weeks.

Rejuvapen Microneedling Facial Treatment Services by Lynn Duncan






What are the Benefits?

— Smoothes Wrinkles and Plumps Up Fine Lines
— Removes/Improves Sun/Age Spots
— Tightens Skin
— Relaxes Scars
— Improves Acne Scarring
— Improves Chicken Pox Scarring
— Fills Old Surgical Scars

(STRETCH MARKS are the result of the deeper collagen layers of skin over-stretching. Rejuvapen treatments are a much more effective method of treatment to minimize the appearance of stretch marks as compared to lasers and creams, which have very minimal positive results.)

The Rejuvapen treatments will allow your own collagen, elastin and your natural melanocytes to repair the stretch marks by improving the blood supply to the treated area. Although stretch mark areas will never return to its originally perfect skin condition, there will be significant improvement and the healing will continue up to one full year.

More Benefits Include:

— Can last 2-10 years or with natural aging process
— Quick healing time
— Cost-effective
— Up tp 50% or more improvement with one treatment

Who this is NOT for:

— Accutane users (within last three months)
— Anyone with open wounds or active blemishes
— Skin cancer or lesions
— Eczema
— Sebaceious hyperplasia
— Bacterial or fungal infections
— Active cold sore breakouts (*must be on anti-viral medication)
— Currently undergoing chemo or radiation
— Pregnant or nursing
— Dark or ethnic skin, or skin that hyper pigments
— Vascular diseases or cardiac abnormalities
— Dermatological skin disorders

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Before and After Photos

Fine Lines & Wrinkles (Before & After 4 Treatments)

Rejuvapen before and after photos

Pigment (Before & After 4 Treatments)

Rejuvapen before and after photos of facial pigment

Acne Scarring (Before & After 4 Treatments)

Acne scarring removal with Rejuvapen before and after photos

Neck Area (Before & After 2 Treatments)

Rejuvapen before and after photos

Body Area (Before & After 4 Treatments)

Rejuvapen before and after photos

Eye Area (Before & After 2 Treatments)

Rejuvapen before and after photos

Treatment Prices

Lynn Duncan Rejuvapen Coupon

Age Spots
(Generally, a 50% improvement
with only ONE treatment!)

1 Spot $50.00
2 Spots $75.00
3 Spots $100.00

Full Face
(Cheeks, Chin, around Mouth, around Eyes & Forehead)

Special $200.

Cheeks (both)




Crows Feet Only


Under Eyes Only

Special $200.

Crows Feet & Under Eyes


Upper & Lower Lip


Upper Lip Only


Lower Lip Only


(Lips/Nasal Labial Fold & Chin)








Hands (tops)


Stretch Marks: Consult Required


Aftercare Kit


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